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PIMAY Teacher Training, follows and adheres to the Yoga Alliance International India standards of Training. Afrikan Yoga training covers both theoretical and practical classes that include postures from the temple walls, Smai breathing techniques, anatomy and physiology, and Smai philosophy with weekly mentoring, professional supervision, advice and support. PIMAY Pablo Imani Method Afrikan Yoga approach is non-dogmatic and inclusive. Students are encouraged to discover their practice through their experience and self-enquiry. Applicants from all orientations of spiritual practice and yoga backgrounds are welcomed.
During this specific program of yoga training you will increase your self–awareness and deepen your understanding of this yogic practice as well as join a growing community of teachers, creating friendships and lasting ties with fellow students.
‘We teach what we need to learn’. The training is not only designed to prepare you to teach, it’s a way of opening to your own personal path and spiritual development. To proceed all you need to do is ask for an application
Yoga Teacher Training Course helps build a strong core from which one can transition into new positions and exercises. This flow centers around control and precision, with a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a range of levels from beginner to advanced. Yoga Teacher Training Course is a course that feels good and fits with every healthy lifestyle.

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Our Philosophy

We want to present everyone with an opportunity to become a part of our great community. Our community is committed, accepting, and welcoming to experienced and new-coming yoga enthusiasts alike! We specialize in classes anyone of any physical ability and  experience can participate in. We are happy to support everyone through their journeys.

Egyptian Philosophy of Maat as expounded by the Egyptian Book of the Dead known as the 42 Precepts or commonly referred to as the ‘Negative confessions’, or ‘Declarations of Innocence’ and the ‘Ten Virtues of the Initiates’, the wisdom texts include:

· Truth
· Non-violence (Philosophy of Imhotep and Akhenaton)
· Right action
· Self control
· Right speech
· Right worship
· Selfless service
· Balance of mind: right thinking, right reasoning
· Not stealing
· Sex sublimination
· Maat offering
These are comparable with the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhist Dharma, the teachings of Amennakht, Ptah Hotep, Kagemini, Tehuti/ Hermes Trismegistus and Seti I as found in the Tomb of Seti I (1350 B.C.E) predating the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (200 B.C.E).
The yoga sutras yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dhyana and samadhi are integral within the teachings of Seti I and so are established within the disciplines of PIMAY.

Our Values

An emphasis of co-ordinating movement, dance and awareness of muscles, internal organs and emotional effects of movements are emphasized in PIMAY. They are said to release emotional blockages, increase vitality, improve circulation, libido, coordination and balance, ensuring a strong foundation for meditational poses.
Unlike the Western and Indian approaches, where students are fixated to static movements of the body and suppressed emotions, a PIMAY – class is verbal and lively with precise instructions and corrections to movements and postures. A typical class encourages freedom of movement in the hips, torso, arms and legs.

PIMAY system has 9 main disciplines:
1. Smai – science of the breath
2. Proper exercise
3. Nutrition
4. Restraint
5. Relaxation
6. Steadying of the mind or meditation
7. Hika Mantra
8. Visualisation
9. Transformation







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Every class is different and accessible for students of any level. Come see our instructors providing a creative and well-rounded approach.

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